Land Sale Agreement

Land Sale Agreement
The Seller and Buyer above agree to sell and buy on the terms and conditions specified below,
the properties located in the County of
, State of
, described as:
PURCHASE PRICE: Buyer will pay the purchase price of $
to the Seller. Earnest money deposit
will be deposit with title company within
business days of contract execution.

UTILITIES: The present condition of all utility access to the property is accepted by Buyer.

PROPERTY CONDITION: Seller knows of no hazardous substances or petroleum products having been placed, stored, or released from or on the real property by any person in violation of any law, nor of any underground storage tanks having been located on the real property at any time.

CLOSING, TITLE AND CONVEYANCE: Closing to take place at:
Seller is to convey title to Buyer by Warranty Deed. Buyer to pay
% of closing cost . While the seller
shall, prior to or at closing, satisfy all outstanding mortgages, deeds of trust and liens affecting the subject property which are not specifically assumed by Buyer herein. Title shall be good and marketable, subject only to (a) covenants, conditions and restrictions of record, (b) public, private utility easements and roads and rights-of-way, (c) applicable zoning ordinances, protective covenants and prior mineral reservations, (d) special and other assessments on the property, if any, (e) general taxes for the year owed and subsequent years. Buyer reserves the right to market the property before closing to investors, partners, MLS, or other parties. Seller represents that the property may be legally used as zoned and that no government agency has served any notice to Seller requiring repairs, alterations or corrections of any existing condition except as stated herein.
CLOSING DATE AND TRANSFER OF TITLE: This transaction shall close on or before

APPRAISAL, SURVEY AND TERMITE INSPECTION: Any appraisal of the property shall be the responsibility of Buyer. A survey is not required.

POSSESSION AND TITLE: Prior to closing the property shall remain in the possession of Seller.

PRORATIONS: Taxes for the current year, interest, maintenance fees, assessments, dues and rents, if any, will be prorated through the Closing Date. If taxes for the current year vary from the amount prorated at closing, the parties shall adjust the prorations when tax statements for the current year are available

ACCESS & INSPECTION: Seller shall make the Property reasonably accessible to Buyer, Buyer’s partners, contractors, surveyors, and appraisers prior to Closing. This agreement is subject to a satisfactory inspection of the property by Buyer. Should the property not pass satisfactory inspection said contract is null and void.

NO BROKER OR AGENTS: The parties represent that neither party has employed the services of a real estate broker or agent in connection with the property, or that if such agents have been employed, that the party employing said agent shall pay any and all expenses outside the closing of this agreement.

Buyer will have a
day inspection period and has the right to cancel this agreement with written notice to the seller

within the inspection period. Inspection period starts when the last party has signed this agreement.

This agreement is binding on the heirs, administrators, executors, personal representatives, and assigns of Buyer and Seller. By signing, each party accepts this offer.

Seller:                              Date:

Buyer:                              Date:

Buyer:                              Date:

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